BlackBerry Bold Hitting Sept. 12 for $299, Say AT&T Employees

Illustration for article titled BlackBerry Bold Hitting Sept. 12 for $299, Say ATT Employees

You read the review, you're stoked that you suit-and-tie guys have a sweet new phone to wave at Apple fanboys. Well, now you got a date: September 12. And a price: $299. At least, so say the dudes down at the AT&T store who were a little overexcited when they saw our review model from Wireless Imports. The leak's in line with expectations, so we're gonna say it's 95% solid. [BlackBerry Bold on Giz]


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way to beat bgr to the punch. now just let me know when this comes out for tmo...yeah, noone is ever making a cool phone for tmo again.