Blackberry Pearl 2 Details Revealed

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A reliable tipster has filled us in on a juicy secret.

The biggest update? High speed EV-DO. And a new unbelievable form factor.

If you thought the first Pearl was small, then know that the Pearl 2 will be even smaller, shaving nearly 8mm in depth and 30% of its weight to be competing with RAZRs. Still, the Pearl 2 manages to squeeze in a 2MP camera (upgraded from 1.3) and a MicroSD card.


The Pearl 2 is coming in Q4 of 2007—and it's looking to be a worthy successor to its little brother. (That picture is not the unit, as talked about in our rumor post.)

The trackball may see some adjustments, though we have no word on specifics at this time. Overall, we're extremely excited if the leak pans out to be true...and we're fairly certain that it will. For now, to be safe, chalk it up as a rumor, but we've seen some very convicing docs that tell us it's real.


If, however, the 2 is a part of the product they need to change it to a roman Numeral and art it up.

Honestly I've been happy with my blackberry, it was a gift for one thing, for a while now. Its a good solid product, and the upgrades will only make it better. Though I would like some wi-fi as well.