Palm "Gandolf" Real, Blackberry Pearl 2 On the Way

Illustration for article titled Palm "Gandolf" Real, Blackberry Pearl 2 On the Way

Chalk this up as rumor for the moment, but a legitimate-sounding tipster from Sprint may have just let us in on two interesting pieces of information.


1. The Palm Ganfolf is real, though they called it the "Gandolfini". They confirmed the $200 pricepoint, saying it was aimed at teenagers who text messaged frequently (nothing was said about watching loads of Sopranos). UPDATE: This was a joke, and I missed it. I'm lame. Did Deepthroat have a sense of humor?They described the design as "a 700p that got in a nasty accident with a steamroller".

2. The Blackberry Pearl 2 is on it's way. RIM and Sprint are working on it. "Looks to have Rev. A EVDO and will support the Sprint Music Store." They haven't seen any pictures at the moment.

Both phones are looking like late summer or early fall releases. So now you (possibly) know.



What is up with these pics? I have one of these.

Are you saying there is a better version of this crazy BB phone with the sexual roller ball in the middle? My GF has been locked in the bedroom for the last two days with this phone. It's freakin amazing.