BlackBerry Storm Lines Not iPhone Lines, But Still Feisty

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In spite of its mixed reviews concerning software bugs and the controversial click-screen, the BlackBerry Storm drew a heckuva lot of Crack(Berry)heads to Verizon Wireless stores today demanding to get a piece of that action, including some who got uppity when things didn't work out like Christmas morning. Reuters is saying that "more than 200 people" were hanging out in front of a mid-town Manhattan Verizon store this morning, some who ended up throwing fits when the shop ran out of the RIM goodness just an hour into its morning sales. If you yourself are concerned about a Storm shortage, Reuters says that Verizon stores that may have run dry are promising a unit within 7 days, as long as you pre-order at the store or online. Given the high profile of this product launch, I figure this isn't a supply problem so much as it is an allocation problem, and that every store will soon have enough to meet demand. Have you had any issues scoring a unit? If so, do share them so your fellow Giz readers don't waste their Saturdays. [Reuters]


Stores in Manhattan running our of phones an hour into sales? Cmon RIM, didnt you do your homework? We all cant help but compare every "iphone killer" phone to the iPhone. Like it was said before AT&T and Apple stores were stocked, 1M phones were moved that weekend. These phones are not iphone killers if they were they wouldnt sell out an hour into sales in the biggest city in the world.