BlackBerry Thumb

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For now, you can file the 'Blackberry Thumb' issue along side the folder where you would have kept your worries about cellphone radiation, had you not forgotten them since that tumor pressed too firmly into your hippocampus. Sure, dinking around on thumbboards probably isn't exactly the optimal use of your opposable digits, but it's likely no worse than the dreaded "Nintendo Thumb" that struck down a whole generation of good typists, who now are cursed with occasional involuntary run-ons of 'ABABSELECTSTART.' Until this doctor in the UK can actually point to a documented case of someone suffering from tendentious, I think I'll keep promoting the thumbboard as one of the best mobile input devices we have ABABSELECTSTART available. (Thanks, Aaron!)

Blackberry use 'can damage thumb' [BBCNews]


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