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Over at Boy Genius Report they're reporting that an insider has labeled the BlackBerry Thunder "in no way shape or form market-ready." Apparently typing on the keyboard is incredibly annoying and the screen ripples at a slight touch. That's contrary to what you'd hope after yesterday's news, and it actually gets worse. Updated: Crackberry responds to rumor, and confirms multitouch.


The UI has serious scrolling lag and blinks, there's a significant delay after every keypress and the accelerometer goes "bonkers" when you move the phone.


Apparently BGR's source says the phone "won't be ready for at least another 4-5 months." And, most damningly, people who've got their mitts on it think "it's a joke." Real information, or scurrilous rumors? Impossible to say, but BlackBerrry fans may be disappointed by what sounded at first like a good device. Still, those four to five months will give RIM time to work on the firmware. [BGR]

Update: Over at Crackberry they're challenging this rumor, with details from their own insider ninjas. They say "RIM is seriously ramping up the pace of work on the Thunder, which could account for the recent rush of leaks."

They also confirm a number of details about the phone: it does have haptics (that don't work as described in the BGR article,) a full QWERTY keyboard, SureTrue text entry and a glass screen. Plus there's big news: it's got multitouch. Apparently feeling pressure from the iPhone 3G, RIM are "putting serious effort into accelerating the Thunder." Does that mean they'll have ironed out the alleged wrinkles by the time the machine hits the street? I'm betting yes.

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