BlackBerry Z10 Teardown: A Samsung Galaxy SIII By Any Other Name?

BlackBerry's new all-touch Z10 may have only been announced a little over a week ago, but some intrepid nerds have already torn the phone to shreds. And inside? It looks a lot like a Samsung.


The teardown, by UBM TechInsights, isn't the most thorough, but at least it's a start. Taking a peek inside, they found, in terms of the main components, what they were expecting: a Snapdragon S4 Plus chips, some other Qualcommm parts, and Samsung-made RAM and storage.

One thing does stand out, though: across the board, many of the design decisions on the inside seem to run parallel with those made by Samsung for the Galaxy SIII. As they explain:

All in all, the Blackberry Z10 seems to incorporate many of the component selections of the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE. It's not certain if these decisions the designers made on what semiconductors, ICs and other modules to use were by design or by accident.

Given the success of the SIII, we think it's safe to say it's no accident. [UBM Techinsights via CrackBerry via Engadget]

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