BlackBerry's BBM Music Is The Dumbest Music Service I've Ever Heard Of

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RIM probably heard that one of the big things in tech right now is offering a music locker service because they just announced BBM Music. Unfortunately, it's the worst music locker service in the world: you pay $5 a month for 50 songs.


The $5/month fee lets you keep 50 songs in your personal profile, which, of course, is disgustingly little. Laughably tiny. Size, in this case, is everything. And don't even think about swapping songs too much as you're only allowed to change up to 25 songs per month too. What in the world? What kind of dimwitted suit would use this thing?

Luckily, BBM Music has a neat-ish social aspect to it, it let's you listen to the music that your BBM friends have loaded up to their library. It's mildly cool, you can even build playlists with their songs and I guess it rewards popularity as the more BBM friends you have, the more music you can access. Which sounds sort of fun in a vacuum but is a pretty tough sell IRL as everyone I know is ditching their old Blackberries for modern phones (and services) that can store 20,000 songs on the cloud. Man, this BBM Music sounds like it would've killed in the early 2000s though! [RIM]

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How much did Apple pay you for that headline. I love how anti-biased this site is.