BlackJack III Coming this October?

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It's all still rumor for the time being, but word has it that the Samsung BlackJack III (formerly the Samsung i788) will be arriving this October. While slightly thicker than the BlackJack II, it will also run Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro and feature a 320x320 touchscreen, 528MHz processor, 3MP camera, A-GPS, Wi-Fi and HSDPA (AT&T's 3G tech). Sounds good, though we're not so sure about this new trend of ever so slightly thicker smartphones. [WMExperts via BGR and PhoneArena]


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Hey...I'm that one guy with a Blackjack II! It's the standard issue device at my company and many others too. For personal use, the iPhone, BB Pearl and maybe the Palm Centro get the press, but there are millions of users out there who don't have a choice when it comes to work (and who wants to carry two smartphones). Was a Blackberry user at my last company and the Blackjack is on par with size and usability when it comes to corporate e-mail, calendar/contacts/task syncing. Also features a simple RSS reader and decent web browsing. I'm no Blackjack fanboy (that would be a small club), but it's nice to see upgrades and new versions from devices that focus on corporate users.