Probably all the US treehuggers ignored this but yesterday there was an international call for a five-minute blackout to save some watts and call attention to the staggering energy consumption on the planet. Too little you say? Try Blackle, a non-official version of Google, which claims to have saved 307,326 Watt hours by using a black background instead of the classic white. Anything that may save some cents from my bill and minutes from my monitor life is welcome, but is this real?

Since there are all kinds of display technologies and sizes out there it will be extremely difficult to measure the savings that this kind of trick may gave you. Since most LCDs use lamps that are always on, you probably will be saving a lot more energy by reducing the brightness of your monitor. Probably this will change with LED-backlighting. What do you think? Could this be a real saver or just silly? [Blackle]