Bladerunner GPS Tracker Jacket Locates Kids, Replicants

Illustration for article titled Bladerunner GPS Tracker Jacket Locates Kids, Replicants

We've heard of GPS trackers for kids before, but here's one that's ironically branded Bladerunner. It's sewn into a jacket to be worn by small children, and replicants if they're small enough. Whenever that rug rat ventures beyond a boundary that you set, the jacket texts you on your cellphone. Hey, this is like an Invisible Fence for dogs, except it's for humans. Oh yeah, and it doesn't shock the little tykes, either.


For an extra £10 ($20.42) a month, you can go to a website that shows you every single place that coat has been. Now available in the UK, it must be targeted at those who place a hefty premium on total safety, control and tracking of their youngsters, because this garment costs £250.00 ($510). Or you could just relax, be a good parent and take care of your kids for free. [Bladerunner, via Ubergizmo]


@TVGenius: Underwear band would be a better, more effective article of clothing. Though, in my youth, that too would have been shed eventually.