Blaupunkt SD27 Car Receiver Too Hip For CDs

Illustration for article titled Blaupunkt SD27 Car Receiver Too Hip For CDs

CDs are slowly going the way of the VHS tape and the Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 car receiver/audio player is just further proof of that. The receiver has no CD player at all—instead, it plays MP3s and WMA files, includes an MMC/SD card reader and has an LED display that'll show all of your ID3 files and folders.


The unit also accepts USB devices and even has optional iPod and Bluetooth interfaces, providing you with almost every possible way to load music onto it. At $160, the sweet little player may as well come with a shovel you can use to bury your beloved CD collection. [Blaupunkt via SciFi]


wow not so much. I'd rather have one of those kenwood decks with the USB connectors on the front. My trucks already a mess I couldn't imagine pilling through my change holder to find a SD card with the albums I want to listen to, specially while driving drunk as I frequently like to do.