We always want to show you the world's strongest, biggest and fastest, and now researchers have created the world's fastest wireless link, cramming over 6Gb per second through a point-to-point wireless link. This speedy wireless trick was demoed last month by CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, which is Australia's national science agency.

Jeez, that's fast. Just think, at that rate, it will only take Time Warner about .02 seconds to throttle my Internet connection. But wait. It gets even faster!


The CSIRO researchers say this just the beginning, where soon they'll achieve wireless links that are twice as fast. They say their transmission technique yields the highest efficiency ever achieved, and they hope to use the technology in place of fiber optic cables over rivers, across valleys or through congested urban environments.

Figuring that a 6Gb/sec link can download an entire DVD's worth of video in six seconds, this kind of speed could come in handy. Can you spell H-D-T-V?

CSIRO demonstrates world's fastest wireless link [CSIRO]