Illustration for article titled Blerg! i30 Rock/i and Other Major Shows Leaving Netflix On Demand

I love Netflix On Demand precisely because it lets me watch 30 Rock episodes whenever I want. So I was horrified to notice, just now, that 30 Rock was going bye-bye on Oct. 1—along with other great shows.


Yes, read that screenshot from my queue above and weep. In a month, there will be no more 30 Rock episodes (no more Heroes either), and the only Office eps will be early ones. Why the upheaval? You already guessed our most likely guess: Hulu.

As soon as the new seasons kick in, Hulu will be the place NBC will want people to go to catch up—remember, it's ad supported so traffic matters. And what better way to drive people there than to make the best content exclusive? It's just a case of the Sheinhardt Wig Company looking out for the Sheinhardt Wig Company.


Another network, CBS, appears to be yanking some CSI content even sooner, but NCIS looks stable. (I could do this all day, so give me a hand: Go ahead and check your own queues for verification, and report the status of your favorite Netflix VOD series down in comments.)

Sucks for you, Netflix, and for those of us who somehow had the impression that any content on Netflix VOD would be there forever. Now, Hulu, about those VOD widgets for TVs, Blu-ray players and game consoles...

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