Blickman Industrial Bassinets

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For those of you without kids, please read this post for some good poop jokes. Good. Now that we've gotten them out of the way, let's talk about this bassinet, shall we?

As we all recall, our wee ones were sequestered in very cool, very stainless-steeley bassinets at the hospital. They're usually clear with a curvy, cool stand and we can only assume that they'd survive a nuclear blast if not a load of wet, green poop.


That said, under no circumstances should any of you buy one of these. They're available for about $1,200 new and considerably less used, but please, for the love of god, why! I know the desire to buy the best for our little mistakes, but this is going too far. The bugger will outgrow this in a matter of minutes and unless you live on a roller-skate rink, there is little chance you'll need to roll this thing around much. So please, step away from the credit card. Don't make us come over there with a claw hammer.

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