Robert Scoble, blogger and human being was engulfed in net flames today. But he found the time to post this blind gadget item to his blog. We love a good mystery, so please humor me while I guess what the "small" (his words) announcement is tomorrow.

It's definitely by Seagate. So, it's likely storage. Because tomorrow is the day of all days for Microsofties, the Vista launch, I believe it might be something to do with hybrid drives. You know, the ones that use flash memory and platters to store data. Then again they'd have to be new ones, since Seagate already has some on the market. But then there's the reference to Steve Jobs. And his repeated use of the world "small." It could be a new class of microdrive suitable for use in portable media devices. Maybe a hybrid. One thing is certain: I'm sure it'll be something completely underwhelming. I can't remember the last time I got the gadget-tinglies from a storage device that wasn't bejeweled or golden or pee-resistant.


Blind items? They're still sublime. Thanks for getting the noggin churning.

"Little" gadget coming tomorrow [Scobleizer]

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