Illustration for article titled Blockbuster To Stream Movies To Windows Mobile Phones via Live Mesh?

Can you do this, Netflix, hmm? Blockbuster wants to bring its rival streaming movie service to your phone via Microsoft's Live Mesh platform.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Blockbuster (which calls the Big D home) is planning on upping the ante in its battle with Netflix by streaming its online offerings via Microsoft's broad cloud/data sync service Live Mesh—which means it could have an easier entree onto Windows Mobile, which is one of the Mesh's supported platforms along with OS X. Blockbuster's CIO also envisions using Live Mesh to sync your movie watching with multiple web-connected PCs and TVs.


Interestingly, Netflix's online player uses Microsoft's Silverlight platform—which also has an API tie-in to Live Mesh. Something tells me that with their year-plus head start, Netflix has got something in the oven for a mobile application as well. [Dallas Morning News]

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