Awards whores that we are, we once again remind you that the Bloggie voting is open all week. It goes on until Groundhog Day this Friday, when the little rodent sees his shadow and the Giz settles back to stop begging and get back to work.

So please ignore the plaintive tone of this incessant pleading and cast your ballot (one per email address) for Gizmodo in the following categories:

‚ÄĘBest American Weblog
‚ÄĘBest Computers or Technology Weblog
‚ÄĘMost Humorous Weblog
‚ÄĘBest Writing of a Weblog
‚ÄĘBest-Designed Weblog
‚ÄĘWeblog of the Year


Of course, if we win all six Weblog Awards, there will be champagne and cigars for all, and we'll buy you each a pony! Isn't that how the politicians do it? Or are hookers involved?

Vote Here for Gizmodo!