Blood-Soaked Formalwear in Jennifer's Body, and Another BSG Alumn Enters the Dollhouse

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Today we get pictures of gory dressup from horrorfest Jennifer's Body, and we learn which Battlestar Galactica cast member is the Dollhouse's newest client. Plus Smallville's horror movie episode and more spoilers and pics from Jennifer's Body, FlashForward, and V.

Jennifer's Body:

New images from Diablo Cody's horror flick show Needy in formal wear, soaked and covered in mud, but she still comes out looking better than a bloodied, demonically-possessed Jennifer:




Michael Hogan, better known as Battlestar Galactica's Saul Tigh, will be making an appearance at the Dollhouse in the second episode. Little has been revealed about the role, except that Hogan will be playing a client. [CinemaBlend]


The Dollhouse crew is also looking to cast two guest stars for their third episode:

[NATE JORDAN] Male, Early to mid 30's. Very attractive. Likable but with a distinct edge. Please submit all ethnicities. BIG GUEST STAR.

[NOREEN] Female, Late 20's to Early 30's. A hot, smart go-getter. Please Submit All Ethnicities. ONE DAY GUEST STAR


[Spoiler TV]


Joel Gretsch explains that his priestly character Father Jack believes we're all God's creatures, but he isn't sure whether the Vs fit under that umbrella:


Morena Baccarin explains that while alien ambassador Anna isn't a fighter, but she will do "whatever is possible to get what she needs:"



David Goyer says that Dominic Monaghan's character will be a "game changer:"



Silent Hill actress Jodelle Ferland joins the cast of the third Twilight movie as a newly turned vampire. [Variety]


Breaking Dawn:

Rumor has it that the adaptation of the final Twilight volume will be broken up into not two but three movies. Edward and Bella's wedding and honeymoon will comprise the first, Bella's pregnancy from Jacob's perspective will be the second, and the third will focus on the early years of Edward and Bella's daughter, Renesmee, which makes shelling out for two tickets to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows seem like a bargain.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold:

Two alumni of the 1960s Batman series will lend their voices to an upcoming episode. Adam West plays Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father, who one night goes to a costume party dressed as a bat and fights off mobsters. Catwoman Julie Newmar will voice Bat-mama Martha Wayne. [CBR]



The third episode of the new season, "Rabid," will focus on a zombie plague that infects the people of Metropolis. Former 24 and 90210 actress Cameron Bancroft will play Dr. Coats, a virologist working on the plague, which infects both Tess and Lois. Also, Oliver burns his Green Arrow costume in this episode. [Spoiler TV]


Casting sides for the fifth episode, "Idol," focus on punky teenager Twyla and her slightly younger skater brother Tanner (whom Kryptonsite suspects could be the Wonder Twins). They spot a man with stolen diamonds in a limo, and Tanner spray paints an S-Shield on the limo's window, hoping to catch the attention of the Blur, a.k.a. Clark Kent. The car ends up lurching forward into a storefront, knocking over a power pole. Later, Chloe brings the siblings into the Watchtower, and they are in awe, realizing that she works with the Blur, as well as other heroes. She threatens to obliterate their social media accounts if they tweet a word of this to everyone, but suggests that maybe they can help her watch the Blur's back. [KryptonSite]

The Vampire Diaries:

The new CW series about pretty vampires and the human girls they obsess over gets yet another promo:


Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.