Blooming Bidet, Because You Deserve a Remote-Control Toilet

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We know all the toilets in Japan that have built-in bidets, but how many come with remotes? With Blooming Bidet, you activate all the functions of the toilet, even adjust the intensity of water spray or hot air aimed at your posterior, from the handset. Note the big STOP button, in case things get out of hand. And it's no accident you don't see any FLUSH button—flushing happens automatically. (The downside there is that you'd have to trick it into a mercy flush.)

Other features include a gentle LED underwater nightlight, a pressure sensor that keeps you from accidentally spraying your eye, built-in controls at your right thigh should your remote's battery die when you're in the moment, and analyzers in the bowl to check your bidness for signs of sickness. [NCM via Koreannovation]