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Blow Virtual Kisses with Happy Dangy Diggy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I like this new iPhone app. First, because it has a purty design that reminds me of Rolando. Second, because I like the idea of blowing kisses on the palm of my hand to reach the people I love.*


It's a pretty neat idea: You select the kind of smooches you want. Then blow them away to the person you love/care for/like/stalk/are fond of. When the other person receives your besos, he or she will saw them flying in their screens. The other person doesn't even need to spend $1 in the app, they just need to have the receiver application, which is free.

There's only one problem: You can't use this over the 3G network. Only over Wi-Fi. That is lame, because the concept would be perfect if it supported 3G and push.


* I mean, I would love that if I was a sensitive but strong, romantic man instead of a manly Spanish womanizer with a lot of chest hair, that is. I will never ever use this. NEVER I tell you. Aw fuck it. OK, I will use it. [iTunes]