I.C.U. began as a project to explore mind control, but, constrained the limits of like, reality, it was boiled down to the next best thing: Eye control.

The setup, which is simple. You calibrate the tracker by staring at 12 points, and then look at the object you want to vaporize. It worked pretty well, all things considered—a little laggy, but I was totally able to pop Justin Bieber's head, along with a variety of other fruit, by looking real hard in whichever direction.


If a gaggle of students can come up with an eye-tracking game that works this well, I'm a little teary at the thought of marathon gaming sessions when massive companies decide this is the next thing after gamers get tired of bouncing in place with the Wii and Project Natal. Our eyes will hurt, and then we'll all be fat again.

Illustration for article titled Blowing Up Bananas With Just My Eyeballs

Oh yeah, these are the glasses. [ITP]

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