Blu-ray Gaining Ground on HD DVD

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If you've been wondering what the scoreboard looks like in the Blu-ray vs HD DVD format war, Nielsen VideoScan has just released the official sales numbers for both sides of the camp. According to the Nielsen stats, Blu-ray is quickly catching up to HD DVD. Since the inception of both formats (April 2006) for every 92 Blu-ray discs sold there were 100 HD DVD units sold. (Score 1 HD DVD). But for the first two weeks of January 2007...


Blu-ray has outsold HD DVD by more than 2 to 1. (Score 1 Blu-ray). It's not sure whether the Blu-ray boost came via the PS3 or if it was simply a lack of new HD DVD titles—either way, it looks like Blu-ray fans have reason to celebrate cause at this rate it shouldn't be difficult to keep the lead.

Nielsen/VideoScan Sales Ratios [AVS Forum]

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It's not sure whether the Blu-ray boost came via the PS3

I am voting for aliens from Alpha Centuri. They are huge (HUGE) BR fans and have been loitering at Best Buy's throughout the Seattle area.

Seriously.. How many Blu-ray players were sold prior to the release of the PS3? A couple hundred thousand, maybe? The PS3 sells a couple million units in the last couple months of the year, and we wonder if maybe that has something to do with the sales growth? Don't be silly. It's the aliens.