If you've been wondering what the scoreboard looks like in the Blu-ray vs HD DVD format war, Nielsen VideoScan has just released the official sales numbers for both sides of the camp. According to the Nielsen stats, Blu-ray is quickly catching up to HD DVD. Since the inception of both formats (April 2006) for every 92 Blu-ray discs sold there were 100 HD DVD units sold. (Score 1 HD DVD). But for the first two weeks of January 2007...

Blu-ray has outsold HD DVD by more than 2 to 1. (Score 1 Blu-ray). It's not sure whether the Blu-ray boost came via the PS3 or if it was simply a lack of new HD DVD titles—either way, it looks like Blu-ray fans have reason to celebrate cause at this rate it shouldn't be difficult to keep the lead.


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