Blu-ray Sales Up 91 Awesome Percent

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Blu-ray disc sales are up 91 percent so far this year, with player sales up 25 percent, so that there's around 11 million Blu-ray players in the US, including PS3s. What up haters??? Right? Right?


Well, at least half of those 11 million Blu-ray players are PS3s, which had a US install base of 5.7 million in December, meaning slightly less than half are standalone players. Nearly 75 percent of units are BD-Live compatible. Lopping off the 50 percent that are PS3s, that means roughly half of the standalone players in the US are BD-Live players, so they're relatively recent purchases.

More to the point, that means a lot of them are Blu-ray players that do a lot more than Blu-ray, like Netflix—not to mention the PS3. So Blu-ray numbers might be up, but it's on the backs of people who have short attention spans and post-$199 players, which is exactly what Blu-ray's backers didn't want.

Oh yeah, DVD? Five million players sold in the second quarter of 2009. As in three months ago.

You win some, you lose some. Ask HD DVD. [Electronic House]



Does anyone know the point at which DVD was released to the public and how long from that point that it became a product that started truly competing with VHS sales? I ask because if we are truly comparing the success of BR to DVD we need to put them under the same time comparison model. Sales of the actual movies are not necessarily a good point of comparison due to Netflix and other new sources of media, but certainly the sales of players is an excellent indicator of whether they actually have a chance of success, and that point of comparison needs to be the same time period that DVD had. As I recall, DVD was not an overnight success.