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Bluetooth Social Networking: SmallPlanet CrowdSurfer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Although couched in the hyperbole of the new business press release, the 'history making' Bluetooth-based social networking service 'SmallPlanet' is fairly intriguing, even if it feels like half-a-service instead of a complete one. Operating on phones that have both Bluetooth and GPRS service, the SmallPlayer CrowdSurfer program keeps an eye out for others with the service, then uses the GPRS to look up the profile of other users when it finds someone within range. If your profile matches theirs and you're within their Friendster/Orkut-like 'circle of friends' you'll be notified with a small picture and profile of the other person so you can introduce yourself if you'd like (plus you can set filters like 'social' or 'business'). While this is nifty and all, the range of Bluetooth would seem to stifle the full usefulness of the service. I'd like to be able to find people that are within the same neighborhood as me, not just the same room.

That's one thing Dodgeball has over these guys. Even through Dodgeball is passive (you have to send an email to update your coordinates/location), it can provide a similar service with a much larger (if artificial) range.
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