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Blur Reflective Spray Makes You Unphotographable

Illustration for article titled Blur Reflective Spray Makes You Unphotographable

If this invention becomes a reality, the paparazzi might be out of a job. It's called Blur, the anti-photography spray. It's a spray full of super-reflective nanoparticles that screw with camera sensors and make wherever it's sprayed a white flash.


Sure, but wouldn't a super-reflective spray on your face make you look like you just went for a run in 90-degree heat? I mean, if it's reflective enough to screw up a camera it's probably reflective enough for people to see it when you aren't being photographed. Lindsay Lohan doesn't need any help looking like a sweaty crank fiend anyhow. If they somehow give this thing a matte finish perhaps, but I guess it needs to actually exist for such concerns to be legitimate.

We Make Money Not Art [via Textually]

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Nanoparticles are really not safe to be used on the human body. Many doctors have been really nervous about our sudden heavy use of nanoparticles in all sorts of products including household sprays and clothing. Nanoparticles are small enough to be easily absorbed into our systems, even through skin, and we have no clue what effect they have on our bodies. Now somebody wants them spraying them on the faces of celebrities? Granted, I can think of a few celebrities I'd like to spray this on just so I could stop seeing their faces everywhere, but people aren't going to think about any risks associated with this stuff.