BMW Vehicles Gaining Google Maps

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2009 model BMW 1 and 3 Series automobiles are getting a pretty neat GPS-based search option. The BMW Assist and Navigation system, running $199 a year, supports Google Maps searching in one's car through AT&T's 3G network (along with EDGE we're sure). Reminiscent of Google Maps mobile, users can find a local restaurant, get directions and even dial the destination with any paired Bluetooth phone. (And from what we can tell from the version already out in Germany, there's turn by turn GPS within the system as well.) It's just too bad that users can't take advantage of their cell plan's wireless internet to save on the subscription. More and more, it looks like car manufacturers and phone service providers want to double dip with wireless data plans. Here's the international teaser of the tech that hit last year:

Bonus points to the commenter who names the location of our included map along with the search subject. [BMW Blog]