BodieLobus PS2 Controller With Trackball

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The controller with a funny name and even funnier appearance made a show at E3 2006, and IGN's peepers were all over it. The BodieLobus replaces the right analog stick of the Playstation 2 controller with a trackball. By doing so, accuracy in FPS games increased dramatically.

The critical difference I discovered between playing an FPS with the BodieLobus Reflex Control and a standard analog stick is the fact that the BodieLobus' track ball directly controls the speed of view movement, as opposed to the variable acceleration applied by an analog stick. Moving the track-ball a little moved the view a little, but at the same speed at which I spun the ball, as opposed to a little movement on an analog stick moving the view at a slower pace than a full push to a corner. Once my brain learned not to compensate for an analog stick's acceleration, I attained a level of accuracy I had never experienced without a mouse and keyboard combination.

Many gamers are skeptical of console FPS games because they are used to using a keyboard and mouse. Something like the BodieLobus may be a nice bridge between the two gaming worlds.

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