Body Found, Believed to Be That of Runaway Teen Gamer

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Sadly, Canadian police believe that they have found the body of Brandon Crisp, a 15 year old that ran away from home in early October after his parents took away his Xbox 360 privileges. Apparently, he had become obsessed with Call of Duty 4 and action was taken after it began to affect his grades. The boy was found on the Oro Medonte Rail Trail outside of Barrie, Ontario with a tent and a meager supply of food. Police are awaiting the pathology report before confirming the boy's identity. Ugh...I can't even imagine what his parents must be feeling right now. [CP24 via Kotaku]


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Discipline is what was lacking here. At 15 yrs old I knew my place, mom-dukes told me to do something I would do it. I remember at like 8 yrs old I used to play a lot of Playstation (the big gray one) and I remember my mom telling me to turn the game off and do the chores she asked me to do and I was like I'm almost done.

She came back like 20 mins later turned the game off and whipped my ass, she told me next time she tells me to do something and I stay playing games we were gonna have problems. Every time after that I always listened. And here I am a productive member of society, I work, I'm in my first year of college, graduated high school with honors ect.

There were a couple of times when my mom had to lay the smackdown on my candy ass growing up but it just made me a better person to be honest, I never felt as if it were abuse and I learned to listen from an early age.

If my mom took away a game system growing up because my grades were slipping I couldn't fault her, chances are she had bought it so I had no say in it.

This kid is dumb, sorry I feel sorry he's dead and all that but I can't say I feel THAT bad. He's 15 and should know his place, if his parents took something away because of his lack of effort in school than oh well, get better grades, don't run away like a pussy and definitely not into the wilderness, go to a friends house.