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You may feel a little squeamish about going through this body scanner, but that's the way things are going these days. And though it may dig into the whole privacy thing, you'll find this piece of test equipment up and running at London's Paddington station. Now it's not just bags that will pass through it, but people as well, hopefully detecting any would-be terrorists in the crowd. Not everyone will have the pleasure of being scanned, because as anyone who lives in a city with public transportation knows, that would be INSANE. But passengers will be "randomly selected" to walk through the box. So, if you had plans on shaving that beard, now might be the time. It takes about 80 seconds to get through this piece of equipment and it claims to be able to detect hidden weapons and explosives, and maybe some of that extra fat you put on at Christmas. But who's really looking?

Body scanner unveiled at station [BBC News]


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