Boeing 787 Rains Burning Engine Debris Down on Airport

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During a ground test on a runway in South Carolina over the weekend, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner expelled a piece of debris that landed on grass and caught fire. It's just the latest setback for the $200 million passenger megaplane of the future. Scary.


The Chicago Tribune reports that the National Transportation Safety Board is in the "early stages" of investigating Saturday incident, which temporarily shut down the airport in North Charleston, South Carolina. Boeing wasted no time and is downplaying the ordeal as an innocuous sounding "engine issue." Fiery debris that shuts down airports? Yeah, no shit there's an issue.

It's not even the first problem for the $200 million Dreamliner, which finally made its first commercial flight last year after being delayed for ages. The company recently discovered a fuselage problem that lead to delayed shipments, and five 787s were ground in Japan due to corrosion. Come on, guys, it's called the Dreamliner. So far this plane has been nothing but a nightmare. [The Chicago Tribune]


Aren't the Dreamliner's engines manufactured by either Rolls Royce or GE? Isn't this kind of fault an issue that should be addressed with whoever made the engines on this particular aircraft rather than with Boeing? Can someone else comment, preferably someone with more knowledge of these matters than I?