Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Hitches Its Star to Android's Wagon

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Boeing's decided to stick a little green monster in its long-awaited, recently-certified 787 Dreamliners. All 787s currently in production are being fitted with Android servers and touchscreens, which will be available in economy through first class.


But not all of the screens will be touchscreens: some of them will be big enough and far enough away (business and first class) to require simple Kinect-style gesture system to control them. It's in prototype right now, but that's a pretty crazy and amazing and wonderful bit of the future 'come real.

And since airlines won't be able to choose to install other entertainment systems, we get the not a little ironic situation of Android being out in front of the push to defragment airline hardware to keep costs down. [Australian BT]


How long before I regret having such a long screen name

Cue Apple filing for copyright infringement each time one of these Android enabled planes flies through an iCloud...