Boldly Go on a Short Adventure in the New Trailer for the Next Short Treks Anthology

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One of the best surprises to come out of this new era of “All Trek, All the Time” has been Short Treks, the anthology series that gives us bite-sized, varied bits of storytelling from across the Star Trek universe. At Comic-Con, we got to see what to expect from a very animated second batch of adventures for the series.


There will be six new Short Treks, each telling a smaller story within the larger Trek universe, at least one of which will feature Tribbles, the most adorable menace Starfleet has ever faced. Another will feature Spock and Discovery’s Number One stuck in an elevator, while yet another will act as a sort of teaser for the upcoming Star Trek: Picard, offering a sense of the hero’s history leading from Nemesis to the new series, fifteen years after his latest canon appearance.

Two of the shorts will be animated, and three will feature the Discovery-era Enterprise crew, and then there’s the Picard short rounding out the bunch.

In the trailer shown at the Comic-Con Star Trek panel, we got glimpses of a lot of these shorts, with humorous Spock and Number One interludes, Captain Pike apparently in prison, and H Jon Benjamin playing a hysterical, tribble-studying scientist. We also got names for the new shorts: “Ask Not,” “Children of Mars,” “The Girl Who Made the Stars,” The Trouble With Edward,” “Ephaim And Dot,” and “Q&A.”

Ethan Peck, Anson Mount, and Rebecca Romijn will all be reprising their Trek roles in the upcoming series of shorts, with Michael Giacchino, composer for JJ Abrams’ first two Star Trek movies, directing one of the shorts. And H Jon Benjamin, of Archer and Bob’s Burgers, will be in the Tribbles episode.

The new season of Star Trek: Short Treks will begin sometime soon on CBS All Access.

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Given they they kept the Picard guest stars under wrap until today, can I start hoping that this Short Trek stars John de Lancie?