Bomba Alarm Clock Refreshingly Old

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Dutch designer Will Vanden Vos takes an old style and gives it a new look. In much the same way of older clocks and information boards (like the ones you used to find in airports, and still see in many train stations), the Bomba Alarm Clock displays time by dropping the top half of the card down, exposing the number behind. But what's most eye- catching is the exposed machinery.

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With so many gears promising to twist and turn, it's nice that Mr. Vos decided to eschew any sort of covering for his clock. It's a shame there's no video to be found. The numbers are a nice, rounded typeface, come lit by blue and white LEDs, and probably make that signature flip card "tick" when the time changes. No word on what kind of noise it makes when the alarm goes off, but you can find out for yourself for $80 from Japanese importer Visions Coax.


As a side note for any of you overly wealthy Gizmodo fans: Grab a few dozen of these, sit back, and take a trip back to the old flip-board days when TVs lacked color and you ate your morning cereal with cream.

Product Page [Visions Coax via Technabob]

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It's a Shame that Theres No Video...I would Have Loved to see it after that "Spinning Innards Of a watch" video...great Concept,it seems a Bit Clunky...but I wasnt alive when they used those clocks so I guess Im missing the Nostalgic Value most would have for this... -o(([8:10]))o-