Bonk the Day Away With a Floating, 4-in-1 Fisherman's Best Friend

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For the fisherman with space constraints, cramming every little piece of gear you'll need into one little tackle box can be just as frustrating as it is disorganized. Fortunately—at least for the smaller bits—the Kombo Fish Tool will keep you from fumbling around by wrapping four serious fishing necessities into one handy package.

This multi-tool built for a fisherman gives you a bonker (which, for the uninitiated, is exactly what it sounds like), filet knife, gut scooper, and sharpener, all with an easy-to-grip handle. And just because it's plastic doesn't mean the bonking side won't pack a punch—three brass plugs have been inserted into the device's head to let you give a good, strong whack with ease.


The Kombo Fish Tool is available now for $30, which ain't bad for what could end up being a longterm investment. Because even though your tool will be spending most of its life surrounded by the watery deep, it's completely floatable. So you can scoop 'er right back up and get back to your bonking. Bonk bonk bonk. [Kombo via Uncrate]