Booting XP on an Intel Mac?

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Will you be able to dual-boot Windows XP and OS X? Well, many would agree that the likelihood of booting Windows XP on an Intel Mac is just about as certain as getting laid at the Chicken Ranch. Colin Nederkoorn of Houston, Texas decided to pledge $100 of his own money to anyone who can devise a method to boot Windows XP on an Intel Mac. He's encouraging everyone to make donations, and since he first posted the contest on Sunday (Jan. 22), the pot is over $700 at press time. The first person to e-mail complete instructions to Colin will be the winner, taking home all that moo-la. He'll post the results on his site.

How s the fund-raising process going? Colin told Gizmodo, Well, since I posted the contest it has averaged $25 per hour. I am anticipating that to spike as it gets around the net. Why did he do it? Colin explained, I had been watching the progress on message boards and saw a lot of people interested, but not a lot of progress past the early successes getting into the EFI interface. I knew there were other people willing to pay for a solution and thought an organized effort could speed up progress.


Whoa, Colin! Cool. Good luck.

Windows XP on an Intel Mac