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"You're right, my camera does have 8 Megapixels!"—ripfire4

Ok, today we're trying to try something new at BbIS, connect all the stories together.


First off we have motion computing launching their LE1700 slate tablet. The highend will top out at $2200 and sports a 12.1-inch touch screen and a 1.5GHz Core2Duo processor.

Now from processors to chipsets. IBM has created an optical chipset that will allow us to move files online up to 8x faster then current methods. How fast is that? Try 160 Gigabits per second. But it looks like the parts needed won't be in great enough supply until 2010.


See where this weaving goes after the jump.

From optical to optics. Scientists at Johns Hopkins and UC: Santa Barbra are finally giving back to the lab rat community. After years of harmful tests they decided to do one where they gave rats the ability to see in color.


And speaking of vision, check out the video glasses from Lumus, the PD-20. It attempts to give you the benefits of the other typical video screens, but without the impending doom caused by blocking your vision.