In brief, these are the shiny new gadgets that made me fall asleep and headbutt my keyboard. Zzzz.

BenQ X710 Point and Shoot: 7.2-megapixels. Has a high-ISO of 1200 in still mode, and 4000 in video mode. Yes, this little shit camera has the ISO rating better than my monster 30D Canon DSLR. In video. Whatever, man. Whatever.

Verbatim Lightscribe DVDs in Color: These are the discs that lightscribe disc burners can write labels into. Now they're in colors. Great. This is news fit for an officemax flyer.

BenQ Art Monitors: Cool, they've been designed with art lifted from an unrecognizable Taiwanese artist. Tragically, the "masterpieces" only have 17 inch monitors. Thankfully, the limited edition stops at 1300.

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