Bosch Power Box iPod Dock For (Wannabe) Tough Gys

It's been a while since we've covered an iPod dock (or maybe it just seems that way), but Bosch's recently introduced Power Box iPod Dock at least looks different. Housed in a protective roll cage—Bosch is also in the power tools business—the Power Box both recharges your iPod and provides the rock quarry with all the Ace of Base it can handle.

It appears, though, that the Power Box is a little too simple for today's iPod market: when you consider that you have to first purchase Bosch's Power Box and then the separate iPod dock compnent, you'll eventually start wondering why you're going through all those hoops for just to get your iPod connected.


Still, if you like pretending to be rugged and the name Bosch appeals to you, be prepared to spend some $170 on the Power Box itself, then an additional $40 on the iPod adapter kit.

Product Page [Bosch via Coolest Gadgets]

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