Bosch Power Box iPod Dock: Proof That Size Does Matter

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What the heck is the deal with this Bosch Power Box iPod dock? Deflecting onlookers from its intended purpose, this contraption looks like it could be used to trigger 50s-era nuclear weapons rather than just power and protect a stoopid iPod. But then, we're fed up with iPods anyway, so anything that would vaporize them all would be a welcome respite from having to write about them day in and day out.

Apparently designed for a he-man jobsite, the docking case can not only charge that beloved music player, it's supposed to protect the thing from shock and movement, too. But what? Are you going to be playing soccer with your precious little iPod, kicking it around with reckless abandon? Remember, you paid hundreds of dollars for it.


So if you feel like kicking around that iPod, the CD-player-packing boom box is going to cost you $170. Plus, you'll have to drop $40 on the iPod adapter kit. Or hey, just leave your iPod at home and hum all those tunes to yourself at the jobsite. The neighbors will thank you.

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