Bosch Power Box PB10-CD iPod Boombox for Toughguys, Reviewed

Here's a review of the Bosch Power Box. Basically, an ipod HiFi for construction workers. Instead of a wimpy white cabinet, this one has a roll cage, a 12-volt accessory adapter, a built in fault-protected power strip, and a jack to charge up Bosch powertool batteries. It has a CD player, which is...well, a CD player. More interesting is the iPod dock, which combines a 12 volt power plug, a connector, and a suit of armor. The review is straight forward, going through the usual groping. The best quote:

The Bosch Power Box is "hip" enough for the ladies, but classic enough for the guys.


I don't know what that means. Nor do I want to meet any women who think this thing is hip.

Bosch Power Box PB10-CD [Methodshop via Coolest Gadgets]

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