I love audio gear, but until recently my obsession was limited to products geared around music. I watched Netflix on my computer, content to relinquish sonic control to my MacBook speakers. Then I got a TV, and a Blu-ray player, and now I'm addicted to ludicrous action movies. Looking at Bowers & Wilkins' latest Mini Theater system, I don't think I can be happy until I own it.

The MT-60D is an update to the bestselling MT-30 system. The centerpiece of the system is the new PV1D subwoofer, whose orb-like, acoustics-enhancing shape looks like an artifact from the future. The MT-60D also features five M-1 satellite speakers. Though tiny, the two-way speakers are powerful enough to blast every aural detail so loud your neighbors will hate you. Key improvements include an "anti-resonance" plug, inherited from B&W's excellent PM1 bookshelf speakers to unwanted sound waves from muddying up your sound.


When this system comes out in March, it's going to be expensive. Like $3000 expensive. It goes without saying, you could get a cheaper system that would do you fine. But fine isn't good enough for me, you see. I want insane. [Bowers & Wilkins]

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