Boxee Loses Hulu Later This Week

Well, this is a steaming pile of suck. Hulu's content providers have decided they don't like their shows streamed to your TV via Boxee, so Hulu is turning off the spigot later this week.


Boxee says they'll be removing Hulu this Friday. Hulu CEO Jason Kilar is smarter than his corporate content masters (News Corp and NBC Universal) and realizes how bad their decision to turn off access via Boxee is: "We realize that there is no immediate win here for users." It's not a win for Hulu, either, since it means Boxee users are more likely to turn to torrents and other ways to watch shows now out of convenience, and with their ad model, lost views is lost money.

We're crossing our fingers, though, that the reason they're getting antsy about streaming to Boxee is that the licensing deals that'll put Hulu on stuff like the Xbox 360 or even built into TVs is about to happen. But it's just as likely they're doing it because content providers are still afraid of the way people want to watch video. [Hulu Blog, Boxee]

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