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9:15: Steve's talking about the transition to Intel within 7 months instead of 12. Praising third party app developers and users. "As soon as you saw these lightning fast machines, you bought'em".


9:17: Half of all new mac sales are to "switchers".

9:17: An Apple "switch" ad for Vista is being played. Hodgman is in hospital gown in preparation for the Vista installation—worried about what happens when they "fiddle with his insides". Hoo, snarky.

9:20: Brag-time again. 2 billion songs have been sold (1b to 2b in 10 months in 2006). 5 million every day.


9:21: Apple's now the #4 seller of music. Also, 50 million TV shows sold. 1.3 million movies sold.

9:22: Paramount's releasing its movies on the Apple store now. All old movies, including "all six Star Trek movies".

9:23: In November, the Zune had 2% and Apple had 62%. December stats aren't out yet.


9:24: Some new iPod ads are coming out. Multicolored people dancing instead of just shadowed people.

9:25: A second ad with the same music and the same dancers, but a different routine.



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