Brando Camera Action Mount Is One Step Above Duct Tape

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If you're going to haphazardly strap a camera to your handlebars, helmet, rear-view mirror or belt buckle, you may as well do it right.

Brando's $11 Camera Action Mount reflects a special kind of product design—one that doesn't get bogged down too much with practicality, logistics, aesthetics or forethought. Instead, Brando sees a need—perhaps not a widespread one, but a need nonetheless—and just fills it. For as long as there have been cheap portable cameras and camcorders, shows like America's Funniest Home Videos, and, people have been lashing their hardware to all manner of makeshift mounts using only their own ingenuity.


In that sense this strappy mess, which essentially hangs a few Velcro tethers from your camera's 1/4-inch tripod mount, is a public service, both to those of us with the inexplicable urge to hurt ourselves on camera, and for those of us who just love to watch. Thanks? [Brando]