Brando Dock Docks Everything

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Why dock one thing when you can dock everything? This multi-functional dock from Brando not only docks your iPod (3G and up), allowing it to sync with iTunes and recharge, but there's support for Sony Ericsson phones, Nokia phones, and PSPs.

It's not quite the everything that we had hoped for, but since Brando releases 83 items a week, we're sure they will release a dock that docks your RAZR, Xbox 360, Meizu Mini Player, Dell 2407FP, Sonicare Toothbrush, other docks, HTC phones, your glasses, the USS Enterprise (D, not E), an ex-girlfriend, Charlie White, a boat, ColecoVisions, the International Space Station, Sony's E-Reader and a Lexus.


But not the Zune.

Multi functional dock speakers [Brando]

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For a multidock 3 products doesnt seem to me that multi. since it al come apart and then I have to keep the other bits on my desk anyway to swap the parts about.

I have visions of what the mum and girlfrined docking bit will look like and now I feel unclean.