Brando USB Internet Sharing Dongle is About Nine Years Too Late

Brando, purveyors of weird and unnecessary gadgets, have added this USB dongle for internet sharing to their arsenal. But seriously, how many people need to share (or steal) their internet via USB?

Dubbed the USB 2.0 Data Copy and Internet Connection Sharing Dongle, this is ostensibly for people who dislike dealing with Windows' internet sharing app. And I guess the tech geek who demands a hardwired connection at all times, or even less likely, those lacking a wi-fi card/module in their computer could make use of this, I guess. CrunchGear says you plug this thing into the USB port of the internet-connected computer, then run a mini-USB cable from the dongle to the other computer. Shazaam! You have internet, without the need for any special software! It can also transfer files between computers.


It's interesting and easy, yes, but it only works with 32-bit Windows XP/Vista and I can't see many people actually needing this. For those who do, I doubt they'll ever really use it more than a couple times in their life. Then again, it's only $30. [Brando via CrunchGear via BBG]

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