Brando, We Want a Double Down

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This classic chicken sandwich USB hub would have served us just fine a month ago, but the world has changed since then thanks to a couple of pieces of chicken that were sick and tired of business as usual.

Their brutal revolt against bread, fueled by the near limitless caloric abundance of fried food, returned chicken to its rightful throne of the greasy hands that then inevitably and irrevocably stain a garment of clothing world.


And Brando, you of all companies should appreciate the innovation of KFC. They really are the Brando of fast food, extrapolating a simple ingredient, artfully yet systematically, until every possible alteration of it has been exhausted. But whereas your canvas is a dual 2.5/3.5-inch hard drive dock, KFC has chosen watercolors to your marble. They paint with chicken.

So the world beseeches you, oh so humbly on this humble day, that you combine your secret recipes. Will you change the world just one more time? Will you make us a USB Double Down? [Brando via ChipChick]

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No food related or foodish appearing items are safe at work any more. The fertility fairie flew over here a few months ago and there is a rash of pregnancy (not me!) and those pregos will (and do) eat anything.

ie-I found one licking the lid of the donut box the other day.