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Breaking: Netflix Internet TV/Film Delivery Starts This Week

Illustration for article titled Breaking: Netflix Internet TV/Film Delivery Starts This Week

Click to viewNetflix will begin IP rental of films and television this week. Those with better plans get more hours, from 6 to 48 hours a month. Although limited in selection to about 1,000 titles and available initially to a few subscribers, this is the beginning of Netflix's main business plan to net rent video straight over IP that just wasn't technically feasible back when they started. It's limited to the PC right now, on XP and IE only. Over time, they plan to expand the service to the livingroom, and beyond.


Quality depends on the users bandwidth, which can range from 1-3mbits, the higher equating to DVD quality. A stream can be watched in 10-15 seconds. The new service will rollout to about 250k users a month, as they scale up their delivery service to satisfy the entire Netflix user base of 6 million. That should happen, according to the website, by June.

IP video livingroom solutions by Sony, Apple, Microsoft and all the cable providers are on their way or here. So, we'll see how fast Netflix jumps to the livingroom. Could be time for that Netflix Set Top box we asked for at xmas.


Netflix [Netflix]

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I don't think that its Netflicks' plan to have people watch movies at their desk, or even on a laptop. The problem with the consumer electronics/content deliver industry, is that they are each jumping the gun, racing to establish the living room/media center as a permanent fixture in peoples' v-side of the a/v experience. This is far from becoming commonplace. As consumers become more savvy about consumer electronics, their perspectives have driven a false demand for products which clearly aren't ready for market. Everyone is trying to get their foot in the door with regard to the potential multi-billion dollar market, which I believe is still about 10-15 Years off. I'm referring to an established system for disc-less delivery of filmed content. Storage-based media is not going anywhere 'till at least 2021. Netflicks: don't let Blockbuster scare you into doing something stupid. This town is big enough for the both of you.

Think about it: We've had pay-per-view for millions of years, and for SOME reason people still go to the video store, or go to netflicks. Music and movies are not the same. You cant apply the iTunes model to movies. iTv will fail. The netflicks download venture will also fail and so will every other company that tries to "control the living room." So, apple, Comcast, netflicks, Microsoft, Sony... everybody just cool it!