Subway is reportedly experimenting with a "creamy Sriracha sauce" at select locations in California. Yes, you heard correctly, Subway might be taking a bold stride in defiance of those in America who would keep our food bland and boring,

This could change fast food forever. Just saying.


Our friends at Foodbeast report that a Sandwich Artist in the vicinity of Santa Ana, California slathered some creamy Sriracha sauce onto an otherwise normal turkey, bacon, avocado, and spinach sandwich. The color of the new sauce, as you can see in the image above, is drabber than what we're used to squirting out of plastic tubes onto everything we eat.

The report indicates that the new sauce is "delightful."

This bodes well for a nationwide launch of this mysterious invigorating goo. We've reached out to Subway to find out when this might be coming to a sandwich counter near you. [Foodbeast]